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Workplace Wellness Program Strategies Set -- 21 Creative Wellness Program Promotional Strategies, Live Audio Conference on CD-ROM & Workplace Wellness Case Studies: Tactics to Promote Health and Reduce Risk
Workplace Wellness Program Strategies Set -- 21 Creative Wellness Program Promotional Strategies, Live Audio Conference on CD-ROM & Workplace Wellness Case Studies: Tactics to Promote Health and Reduce Risk
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21 Creative Wellness Program Promotional Strategies, a February 8, 2006 audio conference on CD-ROM, provides an inside look at the most effective strategies three different wellness professionals have used to boost participation and outcomes in their wellness programs.

Click here to listen to some comments from our audio conference presenters.

Wellness programs are only as successful as the number of participants in the program. Getting individuals motivated to participate in programs is perhaps one of the biggest challenges that wellness professionals face.

During this 60-minute audio conference on CD-ROM, your expert panel of speakers, William Baun, manager, human resources and wellness department at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Aaron Hardy, wellness coordinator with Washoe County School District, and Rebecca Kelly, wellness coordinator at American Cast Iron Pipe Company (ACIPCO) Health Services, will provide inside details on the creative wellness promotional strategies that they've used to spark interest and participation in their wellness programs.

In this "roundtable" audio conference, each of these industry experts will take turns describing seven of their most effective strategies in promoting their programs -- from concepts to results.

You can "attend" this program right in your office and enjoy significant savings – no travel time or hassle; no hotel expenses. It’s so convenient! Invite your staff members to listen in.

The growth and market adoption of consumer-driven healthcare continues to drive health plans and employers to develop more widespread member and employee health improvement initiatives.

Workplace Wellness Case Studies: Tactics To Promote Health and Reduce Risk looks at what’s working in health plan wellness and health promotion programs—award-winning and unique efforts, best practices, ROI, and lessons learned.

Starting with case studies of health improvement innovations in place at three national health plans, this 111-page report then delves into two parallel tactics that are gaining ground among employers: pitting departments against each other in a friendly competition for the healthiest workers and rewarding employees for healthy lifestyle choices. Both the game plan for healthy workplace competition and a profusion of winning ideas for incentives are profiled here.

You’ll get case studies from some of the pioneers in wellness programming, including American Cast Iron Pipe Company, Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield, Health Alliance Plan, HealthPartners, Meridian Health System, Texas Health Resources and Washoe County School District.

You'll get details on:

  • Analyzing the outcomes for a program run by Highmark to reverse heart disease;
  • Forming a winning wellness team;
  • Designing incentives to increase wellness program participation;
  • Evaluating the payback on wellness programs;
  • Targeting your marketing to multiple audiences;
  • Using health coaches in wellness programs; and
  • Ensuring your wellness program's compliance with HIPAA.

Table of Contents

  • Winning Ideas in Health Plan Wellness and Health Improvement Programs
    • Case Study: HealthPartners Tackles Risk Factors with "A Call to Change"
      • Anatomy of a Phone Line Program
      • Curriculum Structure
      • Improving Health Step by Step
      • Program Evaluation
    • Case Study: Health Alliance Plan Goes On-Site to Impact Employee Health
      • Work Site Health Promotion Program
      • Coping With Flu Season
      • Walking for Better Health
      • Purchasers' Demand for Health Promotion Surges
      • Sharing Best Practices in Work site Wellness Forum
      • "iStrive for Better Health" Program
      • Employer Partner Provides $75 Reward for HRA Completion
    • Case Study: Mandatory HRAs and Wellness Interventions Reap Rewards for Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield Employers
      • Division Organization
      • Choosing Interventions
      • Embedding a Healthy Philosophy Into the Product Line
      • HRAs Mandatory for Highmark Employees
      • Outcomes
  • Healthy Competition: Taking the Team Approach to Wellness
    • The Benefits of Teaming Up at Work
      • Planning and Implementation
      • Incentives Reduce Risk
      • Selling the Program and Making it Work
      • Setting the Price of Participation
      • Real Team Competitions
      • An Optimistic Outlook
    • Case Study: Meridian Health System Promotes a Healthy and Productive Workforce
      • Changing the Employer Culture
      • "Fit to Win" Weight Loss Program a 12-Week Effort
      • Keep Programs Simple and Entertaining
      • Case Study: Washoe County School District Gets Good Grades in Health Promotion
      • The Purpose of Wellness Programs: A Deeper Look
      • Programs and Process Generate Progress
      • Reading to Lose Weight, Improve Mental Health
      • The Payback on Wellness Programs
      • Some Encouraging Results
    • Case Study: Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield Steps Up Web-Based Wellness Efforts
      • Targeting Marketing to Multiple Audiences
      • Free Step Up Program Open to Members and Non-Members Alike
      • Putting Together a Healthy Competition
      • Measuring Activity, Results and Awareness
  • Incentives for Healthy Lifestyles
    • Designing Incentives to Boost Outcomes
      • Behavior's Role in Health Status
      • Incentives Influence Behavior, Corporate Culture
      • Refining Requirements
      • A Bona Fide Wellness Program
      • The Challenges of Sustaining Participation
      • Incentive Programs Behind-the-Scenes
      • A Promising Prognosis
    • Case Study: ACIPCO Incentives Stimulate Gains in Productivity, Compliance and Safety
      • The Building Blocks of Success
      • Approach to Wellness at ACIPCO
      • Important Indicators
      • Incentive Insight from Experience
    • Case Study: Onus on THR Employees to "Be Healthy"
      • A Unique Role
      • Strategic Goals and Measurements
      • THR's Long-Term Strategy
      • Program Vision
      • Impacting the Bottom Line
      • Looking Ahead
  • Q&A: Ask the Experts
    • More Medical Behavior Integration
    • Incentives for HRA Participation
    • Making HRA Completion Mandatory
    • The Legal Ramifications of Incentives
    • Assessing Readiness for Telephonic Coaching
    • Who's Online
    • Counseling for Occupational Traumatic Stress
    • Role of Communications in Engaging Employees
    • Employers’ Reaction to Workplace Wellness
    • Engaging the Workforce
    • Implications of the Selection Process
    • Program Development and Decision-Making
    • Getting on Board with Healthy Competition Programs
    • Looking Ahead
    • Most Effective Communications Tools
    • Getting Participants to Track Their Progress
    • Opening Programs to Non-Members
    • Incentive Program Time Frame
    • Sustaining Motivation
    • Calculating Improvement in Complex Measures
    • Self-Reported Behavior Change
    • Software for Health Screenings
    • Getting into the Wellness Game
    • Employee Coverage
    • Reporting ROI
  • Glossary
  • For More Information
  • About the Authors
Publication Date: February 2006
Number of Pages: 110, plus 60 minutes of audio on CD-ROM
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